Warner Music Paramore Artwork App

The Brief

Paramore – one of the top-selling bands globally – were to release their new single ‘Now’ and the international marketing team at theirĀ label Warner MusicĀ briefed us to create something that fans could engage with and share to spread awareness and interest in the new release.

The Solution

A Facebook app which placesĀ the user’s photos seamlessly within the single artwork. Using the original layered artwork files we were able to achieveĀ this very effectively so thatĀ each one wasĀ completely unique, whilst looking like official Paramore cover art.

Whilst at Harkable, Will ran this project. TheĀ app was built in HTML5 to work across desktop and mobile devices.Ā It featured an intuitive interface making it fun to experiment with the millions of possible combinations and share the results across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The Results

The app was promoted globally to the bandā€™s fan-base. Over 35,000 individual covers were created by Paramore fans and shared on social media.