Net A Porter Instagram Shop

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The Brief

Net A Porter enjoy an Instagram following of over 2.3m fashion fans, and engagement on their posts is always high. Despite the unwieldy user journey between seeing a product on Instagram and buying it, their avid consumers were finding their way to doing just that. So the brief to us was – make that journey from social to shop a lot smoother to maximise ROI on Instagram.

The Solution

The solution was a completely bespoke Instagram shop site, automatically populated with their Instagram posts and showcasing all products shown in them. Whilst at Harkable, Will directed this project, reducing a user journey of several clicks and typed searches to just 3 clicks.

The site offers Net A Porter’s social media team the functionality to relate any Instagram post to any number of their products quickly and easily, and if required show different ones to different users around the world.

The Results
Work In Progress: This project is yet to be deployed and results will be published as soon as they are available.