At Vandal, we want to be the best agency in the world, not the biggest.

Our ultimate aim is to create work that makes people’s lives better, and adds to the world. It’s not to grow as fast as possible and sell to a global agency group.

Whilst we instinctively know what work we really want, it’s very useful to have a simple test to back up our feelings, and this is it. You might find it useful in your work too.

The Three Fs Test

This test works for everyone from actors to personal trainers. Designers to global ad agencies. It’s so when you receive an offer of work, you can divine whether your response should be a “yes” or a “no”.

Every project or client we take on must fulfil all of these criteria:

  • Fame  – work that gets you noticed, garners respect and is likely to get talked about. It’s important because recognition attracts opportunities. People will want to work for you and with you. It also brings the satisfaction of your work being appreciated by others, which is highly motivational.
  • Fun  – do you remember why you got into your industry and not into something ‘boring’? You need to stay connected to that, and get excited about doing the work this next project entails. Imagine what each phase of the project is and ask yourself if you’d do all that, even if there was no money in it. That’s how you know it’s truly fun.
  • Fortune  – will this project bring you the kind of money that makes you feel motivated to make an incredible job of it? A project fee is right when you feel respected for your expertise and hard work. But being underpaid isn’t just bad for the bank balance, it’s bad for the soul and ultimately the work.

So go forth, win the best clients you can to make you happy, wealthy and respected. You’ll be able to look back on a career of quality work and challenges conquered. Great people you met and worked with who appreciated your efforts. And most important of all, a proud sense of having made a valuable contribution to the world in your unique way.